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[Realm of the Muse 1.88] Mun Prompt

What is your New Year's resolution as the writer for this muse? Is there something that you want to explore with them this year?

I think, first and foremost, I actually want to play this Doctor more. That's something I have to commit myself to. Of all the headvoices I have, this one is the most important to me, and yet, this is the one I feel the most insecure about. I suppose that's not unusual, actually, because that clearly denotes just how much I care about this pup. I feel insecure on a number of levels.

Firstly, this is an incarnation that a lot of people not familiar with Doctor Who would not easily recognize, or even like as much because he's not as pretty as, say, the Eighth (whom the mun personally has a huge crush on), and is also more eccentric, often disarming and aloof. Although, he is quite friendly, and doesn't have the apparent darkness of later incarnations, which helps in playing him. I'm not taking quite as many classes in university this term, so I'm not as limited by time constraints, which will hopefully help in playing him more.

Then again, he's rather an iconic figure to some people, and I always bite my lip when I'm writing him, hoping that I'm doing him justice. I like roleplaying him because I want to take him places he wouldn't have gone in canon; however, this means that there will be situations that arise which I'll simply have to do my best with. I can't reference canon, for instance, to see how he'd react with James Bond or Dorothy Gale, etc. but I want to do my best to help him grow with new people.

I want to have him interact with more people, and similarly, interact more frequently with the people he already knows.

Mostly, I hope that I curb my thoughts on dropping him at times, because I never truly want to, I just tend to get into these funks where I think he seems incidental. What usually helps is watching one of his serials and realizing I love him too much to let him go.
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