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The Definite Article

I save planets, mostly

The Doctor
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"I'm a Time Lord...I walk in eternity."

Hello there, I'm the Doctor. Not a doctor, but the Doctor. The definite article, you might say. I prefer traveling through time and space to the more prosaic, static lives so many other creatures enjoy. I suppose I could do this sort of thing alone, but it's much better with someone, don't you agree?

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Name: The Doctor (fourth incarnation)

Fandom: Doctor Who

Accessories: Sonic screwdriver, jelly babies, hat, coat, scarf

Personality: The Fourth Doctor is known for his bohemian, wanderlusting lifestyle, largely driven by a passion for discovery, adventure, and knowledge. He held firm to his responsibility of righting wrongs, even when doing the "right thing" wasn't always pleasant for every party involved. The Fourth Doctor was disarming, charming, and often manic with his penchant for being entirely serious one moment and completely mad the next. Brilliant and unpredictable, the Fourth Doctor's true alien nature often showed itself in moments when his concern for the greater good overrode immediate tragedies (i.e. "Pyramids of Mars" & the death of Laurence Scarman & others).

While seemingly aloft in his own thoughts, he could instantly return to a conversation and know everything that had been going on, further befuddling some of his companions. The Fourth Doctor had an offbeat sense of humor, but a pervading happiness. He could be given to brooding, sometimes callous or irritated when other people couldn't keep up with his frenzied mind.

The Fourth Doctor could be aloof, but often had an equally overriding warmth that infused many of his interactions with other creatures, most especially his companions. This further accentuates his sometimes contradictory and inherently enigmatic nature.
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The Fourth Doctor, in no way, belongs to me but rather, the creators at the BBC. In addition, this journal is not affiliated with Tom Baker, the actor who portrayed him. This journal is solely used for writing/roleplaying at relativespace, theatrical_muse, thetenspot, realmof_themuse, and sixwordstories. None of the games overlap.

For Relative Space reference, the Doctor is currently traveling with Sarah Jane at the time he receives his communicator, whereupon he is separated from his companion. This Doctor is set post-Seeds of Doom.

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And the mun behind the muse is justspies.

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